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Sibelius Hall is visited annually by almost 200,000 active customers with high purchase power. Do you wish to tell them something special about your own event, service or product? 

Sibelius Hall has many channels to help you reach your audience.

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Event Services and Sales

Jussi Kortepuro

Sales Director
+358 40 167 6757

Tiia Kuokka

Event Coordinator
+358 (0)50 398 5812
Meetings and festivities

Anna Salminen

Event Coordinator
+358 50 398 5809
Meetings and festivities

Satu Clifford

Event Coordinator
+358 50 398 5843
Meetings and festitivies

Marketing and Communications

Petra Peltovako

Marketing and Communications Director
+358 44 416 3298

Minna Helminen

Marketing and Communications Manager
+358 400 617 640

Ilkka Siitari

Marketing Coordinator
+358 44 416 3184