Partner's comment

Merja-Leena AleniusMerja-Leena Alenius
Mainostoimisto MBE (advertising agency)

We strongly believe in cooperation and its strength. In Sibelius Hall’s Partner Club we see a good opportunity to successfully take things forward and to get to know interesting companies from different sectors. The experiences so far have been really positive. Partner Club has a sense of working together and Sibelius Hall is actively paying attention to the partner companies. The partner companies are also brought out well in all the material. We have gotten to know the other companies of Partner Club in different occasions. The people of MBE have gone to concerts together and separately. No doubt, I would recommend Sibelius Hall’s Partner Club to other companies. After all, this is a good way of being a part of an “elite team.” 


Ari PalhamoAri Palhamo
Lippupiste Oy

Sibelius Hall is our strategic partner. Our mutual goal is to make sure that the events in Sibelius Hall are successful. We think that Sibelius Hall's Partner Club is an unparalleled place to network with the notable financial operators in Lahti region. I strongly believe in functioning networks in the business between companies. Investing in networks is vital in a developing and growing company. Sibelius Hall's Partner Club offers good framework for this in an ethically sustainable and positive environment. Even though our cooperation with Sibelius Hall is fairly new, I can already say that we have gotten concrete results in Lahti.