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Festivity venue - Carpenter's Hall

Renovated from over a 100-year old factory, Carpenter's Hall is located in Sibelius Hall's second floor. It is a diverse venue that works well for hosting different kinds of celebrations or cocktail parties. With the right furniture and decoration and skillful lighting  we can make the venue suitable for different events and atmospheres. Carpenter's Hall can be entered by taking the elevator or the spiral staircase.  

  • Area: 900 m², height 5.5 - 7.5 m, even floor
  • Cocktail party 630 persons​
  • Seated dinner served to the tables 400 persons
  • Seated dinner from a buffet table 300 persons
  • Stationary stage approx. 100 m2
  • Unobstructed passages

To Carpenter's Hall, we offer the Sibelius Hall festivity package and decoration ideas and set up the technical details according to your wishes.

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Meetings and festivities

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