Meetings and festivities

Festivity venue - Kuusi

Kuusi is a lighted room, located at the end of the Congress Wing, that reveals a beautiful view of Lake Vesijärvi and the Lahti Harbour. This wood-scented room is suitable for different anniversaries, gala-dinners, birthday parties and family festivities. 

  • Area 196 m², height 4.5 m, even floor
  • Cocktail-party 140 persons
  • Seated dinner served to the tables 120 persons
  • Seated dinner from a buffet table 100 persons
  • Unobstructed passages
To Kuusi, we offer the Sibelius Hall festivity package and set up the technical details according to your wishes. 

Meeting- and Conference Services

Tiia Kuokka

Event Coordinator
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Meetings and festivities

Anna Salminen

Event Coordinator
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Meetings and festivities

Satu Clifford

Event Coordinator
+358 50 398 5843
Meetings and festitivies

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