Sibelius Hall

Guest info

Opening hours

Sibelius Hall is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, and on weekends one hour prior to the start of the event.

Cloakroom service

Cloakroom fee is 3 € / person (cloakroom opens an hour before the event). In children's events the fee for children (7-15 years old) is 1 € / child. The payment can be made by cash or credit card.

You can also pay the cloakroom fee in advance when buying tickets at our Box Office. The fee in advance is 2.50 € / person.

Taking photos and getting around

  • At Sibelius Hall, there is free entry to the foyer, Forest Hall, and Restaurant Lastu
  • During private events, there may be restrictions to these areas also
  • Taking photos within Sibelius Hall is permitted for private use only; interviews and public photos must be agreed upon beforehand with marketing and communications
  • If you need assistance, please contact our attendants

Accesibility in Sibelius Hall

Sibelius Hall serves all guests on an equal basis.


  • Parking facilities:
    • Three spaces for disabled parking at the hall building next to the inner wall
  • Automatic doors:
    • Automatic door on the Ankkurikatu side of the main entrance, with the button on the left-hand side
    • The doors of the conference wing open with the button on the wall, and the inner door opens automatically; the conference wing is accessed via a ramp
  • Accessible lift:
    • The Finlandia-klubi facility, on the second floor, can be reached by lift (max. 25 persons);
    • Finlandia-klubi has a flat floor, and there is access by wheelchair also at the front, by the stage
    • There is a lift (max. 8 persons) from the foyer to the VIP sauna cabinet (4th floor), Hartman foyer, group rooms, and offices (2nd floor)

Wheelchairs and walkers

All guests using a wheelchair or, for example, a walker are kindly requested to arrive early to the events. This ensures that the Sibelius Hall staff will have sufficient time to assist the person to the hall and to find their seat, if necessary. The entrance area gets crowded once the doors open, and the personnel try to bring in those who need assistance before the rest of the audience.

The 12 wheelchair spaces in the Main Hall of Sibelius Hall are located in the last row (row 23) of the stalls. Access to these seats is directly from the entrance floor through the Forest Hall via the hall doors.
Lift access to the lower stalls is from the right-hand echo chamber.
Lift access to the first and second balcony is available from the back centre of The Forest Hall.

When booking seats to be used in conjunction with a wheelchair, please ensure that the seats are in the designated areas. Access to other seats is difficult on account of stairs. Also, companions should purchase their tickets early to ensure a seat near the person needing assistance.

Sibelius Hall can loan wheelchairs and walkers to assist in getting around for the duration of the event..

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located near the cloakroom: proceed straight down the corridor from the box office, and turn right around the corner. Also around the corner there is a nappy-changing room available.

Assistance dog

Guests using guide dogs or other assistance dogs may attend concerts in the Main Hall and Finlandia-klubi as well as visit the restaurant premises.
Please note that the volume of the music as well as the lights used during the concerts may disturb the dog.
The dog may be left in the designated location in the foyer to wait. The staff will show you this location.

Induction loop

A hearing induction loop is in operation to reduce background noise in the Main Hall of Sibelius Hall. If you notice any disturbance with the operation of the device, please contact a member of staff.