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Conference venue - The Main Hall

Floor area: 1st
Sibeliustalon Pääsali

The Main Hall has received worldwide acknowledgement for its acoustics. In addition to being a concert hall, the Main Hall also acts as a conference...

Conference venue - Forest Hall

Floor area: 1st
Max: 1500
Sibeliustalon Metsähalli, Lahti

Forest Hall is the heart of Sibelius Hall connecting the different parts of the building to each other.   In the thoughts of the architects...

Conference venue - Carpenter's Hall

Floor area: 2nd
Max: 650
Sibeliustalon Puusepän Sali

Renovated from over a 100-year old factory, Carpenter's Hall is located in Sibelius Hall's second floor. It is a diverse venue that works as...

Conference venue - Carpenter's Workshop

Floor area: 1st
Max: 200

Carpenter's Workshop is a versatile venue located in the old factory-part of Sibelius Hall. It transforms into a seminar-, conference-, or lounge...

Conference venue - The Congress Wing

Floor area: 1st
Max: 30-150
Lahden Sibeliustalon Kongressisiipi - Kokoustila Kuusi

In the Congress Wing your meeting bursts into life. The conference guest can sense the wood and see water. Every room of the Congress Wing has...

Conference venue - VIP Sauna

Floor area: 4th
Max: 30
Sibeliustalon saunakabinetti

The VIP sauna is located in the fourth floor of the old part of Sibelius Hall. The sauna room is...

Finlandia Club

Floor area: 1st
Max: 610

Finlandia Club acts as a venue for the performances of top domestic artists and groups. The club offers musical experiences in a rock-vibed ambience...

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