Guest info Finlandia Club

Starting times

The concerts at Finlandia Club start mainly at 9:00pm. In case the concert includes several bands, the starting times will vary. We try to announce the schedules as soon as possible.


Age limit

The club does not have an age limit, the bar area is at the back of the Hall and is restricted.



Professional recording and shooting of the concerts are prohibited without a special permit. All the recordings will be subject to copyright laws and regulations.
Photographs and videos for personal use are allowed.



Cloakroom fee is 3 € / person. Children under 7 years are for free. In children’s events the fee for children 7-15 years old is 1 € / child. The payment can be made by cash or credit card. Cloakroom opens an hour before the event.

Sibelius Hall serves all guests as equally as possible.


Parking facilities

Three spaces for disabled parking at the hall building next to the inner wall.


Automatic doors

Automatic door on the Ankkurikatu side of the main entrance, with the button on the left-hand side.


Accessibility to Finlandia Club

Finlandia Club and the second floor is accessible by an elevator (max 25 persons.) Finlandia Club has an even floor, the front of the stage is accessible with a wheelchair.


Wheelchairs and walkers

All guests using a wheelchair or, for example, a walker are kindly requested to arrive early for the events. This ensures that the Sibelius Hall staff will have time to assist the person to the hall and to find the seat, if necessary. The entrance area gets crowded once the doors open, and the personnel endeavour to bring in those who need assistance before the rest of the audience.
Sibelius Hall can loan wheelchairs and walkers to assist in getting around for the duration of the event.


Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located near the cloakroom: proceed straight down the corridor from the box office, and turn right around the corner. Also around the corner there is a nappy-changing room available.


Assistance dogs

Guests using guide dogs or other assistance dogs may attend concerts in Finlandia Club. The dog may be left in the designated location in the foyer to wait. The staff will show you this location.