Meetings and festivities in Sibelius Hall

Meetings and festivities in Sibelius Hall

What would be more inspiring than having a conference day by the beautiful Lake Vesijärvi in one of Finland’s most popular congress- and concert centers in Lahti? Sibelius Hall serves smaller-sized conference groups as well as events and congresses lasting several days with the utmost professionalism. Our conference packages offer multiple choices even for the most demanding taste.

Or are you organizing a festivity and looking for a unique setting for it? Sibelius Hall is a popular place for having company anniversaries, gala dinners, birthdays, weddings and other festivities. In addition to our standardized festivity packages our professional staff will help you have just the festivity you want.




Conference venue – The Main Hall

| Floor area: 1st | Max:

The Main Hall has received worldwide acknowledgement for its acoustics. In addition...

Conference venue – Forest Hall

| Floor area: 1st | Max: 1500

Forest Hall is the heart of Sibelius Hall connecting the different parts...

Conference venue – Carpenter’s Hall

| Floor area: 2nd | Max: 650

Renovated from over a 100-year old factory, Carpenter's Hall is located in...

Conference venue – Carpenter’s Workshop

| Floor area: 1st | Max: 200

Carpenter's Workshop is a versatile venue located in the old factory-part of...

Conference venue – The Congress Wing

| Floor area: 1st | Max: 30-150

In the Congress Wing your meeting bursts into life. The conference guest...

Conference venue – VIP Sauna

| Floor area: 4th | Max: 30

The VIP sauna is located in the fourth floor of the old...

Finlandia Club

| Floor area: 1st | Max: 610

Finlandia Club acts as a venue for the performances of top domestic...

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Meetings and festivities

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Meetings and festitivies

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Meetings and festitivies