Conference venue – Carpenter’s Hall

Conference venue – Carpenter’s Hall

Renovated from over a 100-year old factory, Carpenter’s Hall is located in Sibelius Hall’s second floor. It is a diverse venue that works as a conference-, lecture-, and exhibition venue. Furniture, sound system and lighting are tailored according to customer’s wishes.

Carpenter’s Factory’s 2. floor:  spiral staircase and an elevator

●  Meetings and lectures: with lecture tables 250 persons, with chairs in rows 500 persons
●  Area: 900 m², even floor
●  Bright, can be darkened, height 5.5 – 7.5 m, two naves
●  Stationary screen, data projector and sound system, other AV-equipment according to situation
●  Free WiFi
●  Applies to diverse use of space
●  Subject to cultural heritage management, built in 1907-08


Floor: 2nd
Area: 900
Classroom style: 250
Theater style: 500
Banquet: 500
Coctail: 650
Wi-Fi: yes
Sunlight: yes