Conference venue – The Congress Wing

Conference venue – The Congress Wing

In the Congress Wing your meeting bursts into life. The conference guest can sense the wood and see water. Every room of the Congress Wing has windows revealing the beautiful scenery of Lake Vesijärvi. All of the five versatile conference rooms of the Congress Wing change effectively according to your wishes and needs.

The rooms are named after Jean Sibelius’ Op. 75 and they are decorated with Suvi Alalantela’s textile design. All rooms have a stationary screen, data projector or 80″ TV-screen, PA system and Wi-fi.

It is possible to have restaurant services and serve alcohol in all rooms.


A place for meetings and seminars, closest to Forest Hall.

  • Area 96 m², height 4.5 m
  • Lecture tables 60 persons,  chairs in rows 60 persons

Honka, Pihlaja and Koivu

The three smallest rooms of the Congress Wing are excellent for smaller groups for meeting or training use.

  • Area á 42 m², height 3.5 m
  • Lecture tables 20 persons,  chairs in rows 30 persons


Located at the end of the Congress Wing, Kuusi’s great windows open spectacularly to the lake scenery and the Lahti Harbour. Kuusi is suitable for meetings and seminars and also acoustically for occasions that include performances.

  • Area 196 m², height 4.5 m
  • Lecture tables 140 persons, chairs in rows 150 persons


The new entrance and lobby area for Congress Wing built and brought into use in the beginning of 2021.

  • Area 125 m², height 3.4 m
  • Capacity for 100 persons


Floor: 1st
Area: 42-196
Classroom style: 25-140
Theater style: 30-150
Banquet: 12-80
Coctail: 30-150
Wi-Fi: yes
Sunlight: yes