Conference venue – The Main Hall

Conference venue – The Main Hall

The Main Hall has received worldwide acknowledgement for its acoustics. In addition to being a concert hall, the Main Hall also acts as a conference-, training-, and seminar venue.

The seating and stage are situated in an oval-shaped ‘shoebox’ hall which works well as an auditorium in conferences.
We can provide you with a PA system and presentation- and lighting equipment. The stage is always furnished according to the customer’s wishes.

  • 51m x 36m x 22m
  • Altogether: 1100 persons
  • Stall: 675 persons
  • Stall + 1st balcony: 904 persons
  • Stall + 1st and 2nd balcony: 1100 persons



Floor: 1st
Area: 1836
Classroom style: 1100
Theater style: 1229
Wi-Fi: yes
Sunlight: yes